Estuary - Canvas Art Online Australia from Go Arty

$165.00 Inc. GST

Feather Green - Canvas Art Online Australia from Go Arty
Feather Green

$165.00 Inc. GST

Ocean Current - Canvas Art Online Australia from Go Arty
Ocean Current

$165.00 Inc. GST

Dancing Stardust
Dancing Stardust

$165.00 Inc. GST


Go Arty work with you to achieve a perfect result. We don’t just take an order and then produce the painting. We consult with you all the way, with relation to colour and design and size. After our initial interview we will get to a stage that we feel we need to consult with you again about what we have achieved.

This may happen a couple of times during the process until we feel we have achieved the result that you the customer are looking for. We will give advice along the way but this is your painting and we are about achieving the result that you are looking for. Take a look at the gallery and see if there is something there that you are looking for or bring in your photos, inspirations and colours so that we can work on the design together.

We Are Your Local Art Gallery & Home Decor Specialists

Do you find your new home dull and empty even after moving in your belongings? Spruce it up by adding paintings and decorative furniture from Go Arty. Visit our gallery and behold an amazing collection of handmade artworks that come in a vast array of colours. Some of the most elusive canvas art in Australia are in our store. You will surely find the pieces with colours just right for your home’s interior.

If you're not sure if the one you picked really matches you home interior's current motif, we are more than willing to let you take the artwork home and try it out for a day or two.

If you haven't picked anything at all because your style is too rare, we can teach you how to make your own artwork through our art classes and workshops. Our team of professional local artists can create something unique just for you.

Sunshine Coast Art Classes & Workshops

We offer some of the most popular Sunshine Coast Art Classes! Our workshops are very flexible and designed to suit your needs. Come in for half a day, a whole day, or do it over several days - we'll fit in with your schedule.

Prices are amazingly affordable! Ranging from $105 to $980 depending on the size of canvas and level of technicality you decide to paint - Choose which canvas design you'd like to do now by simply having a look at the gallery. Of course, if our gallery doesn't have what you're looking for, just give us a call or come in and discuss your design.

Amazing Collection of Affordable Homeware

Our gallery consists not only of beautiful paintings, but also stylish homeware. We sell a vast range of decorative furniture, from chairs to pillows and jars to vases. Whatever you’re looking for to spiff up your home, we are bound to have it in our collection - we are also able to help cater for people on a tight budget.

We buy very small amounts of each item so you can be sure that the homeware you will bring home is not commonly found throughout your neighbourhood.

Property Styling and Design

Contemplating to sell your property soon and want to find a buyer quickly so that you can move out smoothly? We are the experts to consult. We will guide you through the right renovation to enhance the look of your property and make it more appealing to buyers.

We will evaluate your home from the inside out, then we will give you a list of the things that need to be enhanced. Our methods have been proven to be effective in attracting buyers. After listing your home as “for sale”, you’ll surely receive a call in no time.

Please contact us to talk about your needs. Our phone number is (07) 5451 1445. If you want to buy art online, don’t hesitate to send us an email through info@goarty.com.au.

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  • Abstract
  • Cultural
  • Figure
  • Floral
  • Gourmet
  • Kids
  • Nature
  • Scenic
  • Try it Out
  • Confuse by Colour