What is Go Arty?

Go Arty was established by Wanda James some 10 years ago after being frustrated for many years of building and developing and not being able to find the right piece of art or homewares to finish off a project.

After years of developing in Noosa, with her builder husband Gary. A nasty credit crunch arrived so then they bought hospitality property and renovated, built and then marketed the whole project. After 20 years, Gary and Wanda came to the Sunshine Coast, QLD to have a quieter life.

But alas, quiet is not their nature so Wanda did some of the things that she never had the time to do. During a large renovation Wanda found workshops that taught you how to paint a piece of art.

She was so excited that everyone in the family got a painting whether they liked it or not.

After a well-earned trip overseas Wanda established GoArty doing workshops with an artist and a partner. This was just so much fun and clients loved what they were able to accomplish.

Being able to say that you yourself had painted a piece hanging on your wall was a define esteem builder. Three years passed by pretty quickly.

Our lease had to be renewed. The original artist and partner went off to do other things and it was up to Wanda to whether Go Arty would continue. You guessed it...  

We moved across the road and began doing Retail art and Commission art and all sorts of classes in art.

Life drawing, 6 week drawing and painting classes, creating canvas art, Hens Parties, Kids birthday parties, Team Building as well as our ever popular workshops where you could achieve a piece of art in a day.

It had been an ambition of Wanda's to put in homewares so this completed the circle that was originally Wanda's frustration. So now Go Arty is able to offer all sorts of services to help people with Art, Homewares and styling.

Go Arty specialising in keeping things different and interesting.

You are able to come to us with your ideas for a piece of art and we can effect that for you. Consultation is what we pride ourselves on with commissions. Customers are involved all the way.

We give advice but remember that this is your art project, remembering that ART is in the eyes of the beholder. Go Arty established itself in Norval court 10 years ago, which now is becoming a real art hub with Studio Republic, yoga and Pilates studio and lots of other very interesting business now establishing themselves. Great coffee at The Art of Bean and an amazing Op shop like no other at Beautiful You.