6 Week Beginner Painting & Art Classes

Course Description

This Drawing and Painting for Beginners Course is based on showing learners different methods of creating images, other than just create an outline and "colour in". Students will learn how to create drawings/paintings with depth and dimension by the use of light and shade, rather than just line.

We will learn about negative space, identifying light source, texture, and look at a variety of drawing mediums such as graphite, charcoal, and soft pastel applying texture medium to create individual textures to paint into. Students will also complete a number of right brain exercises - which enables our creative processes to be tapped into a lot faster.

Following the three weeks' of drawing tuition the class will be taking those skills forward into three weeks of acrylic painting, where many of the same principles are used to create a painting. These three weeks will also include learning about the flexibility of acrylic paint, and discussing and using mediums that can be added. This acrylic painting course is based on taking students back to the basics of colour theory, colour schemes, and how and where that works in creating acrylic (or oil) paintings.

Knowledge of colour theory is an essential element of painting or drawing - in any medium. 

These workshops will also involve learning about the Alla Prima method of painting (basically means doing a complete painting in one session). The workshops will also include some time spent on understanding what different brushes do, as well as pushing the boundaries of painting by introducing some texture medium, and using tools other than brushes to apply paint.

Night Classes Can Be Arranged!

Professional Art Tutoring:

If your needs are outside of what is offered during our set courses, we also offer a "Freedom of Choice" class where you can bring along your project and we can work with you.



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Cost: $296 for the complete 6 weeks Course

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