Would you like your staff or clients to be talking,
laughing and creating magic?

We at Go Arty have a very unique offer!

Let us introduce you to an art session where all sorts of mischief can happen. Go Arty provides an opportunity for your staff to step out of their comfort zone and experience a sensory journey that will stimulate creativity and right-brain thinking.

Individual pieces of art and group art can be organised. Why not consider our giant jigsaw puzzles that keep your staff or clients intrigued until the very end? It's team building with a twist!


The French poet Pollinaire wrote:

"Come to the Edge" he said
And they were afraid...
"Come to the Edge" he said
And they were afraid, but they came to the edge...
And he PUSHED them...
And they FLEW!

We all need to be pushed sometimes in order to realise we can fly!

Go Arty offer sessions for all types who want to have fun and be involved in something unique and creative. No artistic ability is necessary. Our fun-loving and experienced Artists will tailor the event to meet your needs and the artwork is designed to suit your theme and intended use. Prices vary according to the requirements of the event and the group.

Group can arrange their own catering or we can help do this for you for an additional cost. We provide aprons. Feel free to wear casual attire.

Discover team-building with a twist at Go Arty: Give your staff and clients an opportunity to fly!
Corporate workshops are by arrangement only, so get in contact with us today on (07) 5451 1445 to find out more!