Need to change the colour? Sure Thing! Looking to tweak the design? Absolutely!

When you order from Go Arty, we're not shipping you some dusty old piece from a warehouse, nor do we just take an order and produce the painting. We consult with you all the way from the colour to the size and even the design itself. Every piece of art is uniquely hand painted for you to match your need.

Go Arty artists together with Wanda work with you to achieve a perfect result.
Our aim is to make this a pleasant and successful experience.

After you have placed your order, we will follow up with an initial interview where we will discuss any colour and sizing questions you might have, as well as go over any changes or customisations you would like to make. Once we get to a stage that we feel we need to consult with you again about what we have achieved, we'll touch base again to make sure everything is as you had imagined.

This may happen a couple of times during the process until we feel we have achieved the result that you are looking for. This process we feel takes the fear out of the whole experience. Our main focus is on achieving the result that you are looking for, so while we do give advice along the way, we understand this is your painting and we'll will do whatever we can to make sure that it meets your expectations.

Looking for more inspiration? Take a look through the rest of our gallery and see if there is something there that you are looking for or bring in your photos, inspirations and colours so that we can work on the design together.

Want to See the Go Arty Customisation Process in Action?

Sample Colours & Textures (Images Supplied by Client)

Final Artwork (Colours Customised to Match Samples)