Essential oils are the natural oils found in many different plants. 

The benefits of many essential oil-bearing plants have been known and used for thousands of years, yet have largely been forgotten due to the influx of chemically-manufactured drugs.

The modern use if essential oils combines traditional wisdom with scientific research to provide natural wellness solutions.

Technically speaking, an essential oil is a group of chemical constituents that are volatile (meaning they can evaporate and be distilled), oil soluble (meaning they will dissolve in or combine with oils or other lipids), and are found in all or part of one of many different aromatic plants.

These constituents are created by plants for immune defence, pollinator attraction, damaged tissue healing, and other metabolic purposes within a plant.

Essential oils typically contain several aromatic constituents that create different aromas that we can smell.

Because of this property, essential oils have long been used to create perfumes, colognes, and other products that stimulate our senses or smell.  Because our sense of smell is closely tied to the memory, emotional, and stress-response centres of our brain, the aromas of many essential oils can have a profound impact on these areas of our lives.  This use of essential oils is commonly known as aromatherapy.

Go Arty regularly run presentation nights @ 7 Norval court Maroochydore to help educate people with relation to the benefits and wellbeing of peoples health.  These are fun nights enjoying foods made with Do Terra Oils and Wellness Education.

Wanda James owner of Go arty is a Do Terra Health Advocate and is happy to help with relation to these wonderful oils.
You just need to email us on or Phone 07 5451 1445 for further information and help.