Go Arty Hens Party!

  • Want to create lasting memories? Together paint a fabulous high quality piece of interior art to give as a lasting gift that the bride will love to decorate her home with.
  • Want to have heaps of fun and be involved in something affordable, unique and creative at the same time? For the more adventurous, how about a life drawing class with our lovely male model!
  • Something that all of your family and friends will love to take part in, no matter what their age; no artistic ability is necessary, we'll bring out the hidden talent in everyone!

Our fun-loving and experienced Artists will tailor the event to meet your needs and the artwork you re-create will be designed to suit the brides taste and style...... Make an afternoon of it here then go out for dinner and drinks; we'll fit to your schedule, but about 2 hours is ideal.


We have a couple of options for Hens Parties for you to consider:

  1. Traditional Life Drawing with a Male model. We have an artist instructing and a male nude. 
    • Length of time for the party is 2 hours.  We can use one canvas or Paper which ever the preference is. These are all conducted at Go Arty Premises.
  2. The alternative to Life Drawing is for everyone to contribute to one painting as per the example.
    • This piece of art can then be used by the bride in her house and kept as a memory piece. Artist assisting

PRICING: $35 per head for the first 12, then $30 per head (Min 6 / Max 20). Payable by single credit card.

Call today on 07 5451 1445 or contact us online to book
a Hens Party that your special Bride will love!