All of our art is painted and shipped from our Gallery on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. If you're in the area, you're welcome to drop in and collect your piece directly. We also offer shipping Nation Wide via Courier, but there's a few important notes we wanted to let you know.

  • For Multiple Pieces: When sent together, shipping is calculated per order. If you request pieces be shipped separately, some additional charges may apply (hopefully not, as we go to great lengths to try and keep shipping costs as low as we can for you, but it depends on a lot of variables, so we'll let you know ASAP).
  • For Large Orders: the weight can differ significantly depending on the individual piece(s) and the customisations you request (as every piece is unique to you), so the shipping is calculated once the work is complete (and approved by you), weighed/calculated, then charged separately (at cost).


Base Shipping and Handling Fees

Order Value

All States Except TAS & WA


Up to $99 Inc. GST $18.00 Inc. GST $28.00 Inc. GST
$100 to $299 Inc. GST $28.00 Inc. GST $38.00 Inc. GST
$300 TO $499 Inc. GST $33.00 Inc. GST $63.00 Inc. GST
$500 Inc. GST and Over

POA: Invoiced Separately Once 
Painted, Approved & Weighed

POA: Invoiced Separately Once
Painted, Approved & Weighed